My grandparents on their wedding day – October 22 1912

My aim in writing this blog, Unlocking the Door to your Past, is to share my passion for family history.  By sharing the stories, I hope to inspire you to give a voice to the characters that inhabit your records and live in your head.  
Keep the memory alive of those that have vanished from our collective memory, breathe life into them, get to know them better.

Creating a broad narrative is also a great way of spotting holes in your own research, improving your knowledge of the historical period in question and gaining a better understanding of the local and social context in which these people lived.  Use the stories to engage people, spark their curiosity and pass on the baton to the next generation.  

A particular area of interest to me is the stories that can be found in newspapers, so I am going to spend some time reporting on them. Newspaper articles can tell us information about our ancestors that can be found nowhere else and give us a real feel for their personalities and the experiences they went through.  

Apart from stories, I will also be writing about books, films, and even TV shows and there will be musings from my desk (from me not my desk!) These will be articles that are about my thoughts and opinions on subjects that could be relevant to your own research. 

Finally, since we all have our brick walls and gaps in our knowledge, from time to time, I will be writing a range of detailed articles that delve more deeply into genealogical techniques and sources.

I look forward to hearing your comments and if you are related or have any connection to the people or places mentioned in this blog do let me know.  

Happy Reading!

Genealogy Jude

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